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"ESM Academy has played an important role in Toby's cricketing and social development. The qualified coaches at ESM can flex easily between players of different abilities and are brilliant at creating a sense of purpose with fun around their sessions" - Jim Slater, Costa


"Zippy has coached our Junior section this season. Our youngsters have improved their techniques and have also thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. We are very grateful to Zippy for the help he has given us in rebuilding our Junior section" -  Simon Lambard, Colts Co-ordinator, Marlow Park CC


"I would recommend ESM Academy to enthusiastic or experienced cricketers looking to improve their game. My two sons (12 and 10) loved their sessions which were given in a fun and constructive environment. They were able to improve their batting and balling skills to be selected for county trials" - Naz Ghani


"ESM has really helped to develop my son’s technique throughout the year. Zippy is an enthusiastic and dedicated coach who is full of positive energy which rubs off on the kids.  If you are serious about playing cricket on a professional level, then you need to play all year round and this is what ESM provides" - Faisal Ali , CEO Gifto's


"Thanks to Zippy and the ESM Academy I have gone from dreading batting against spin to being able to play spin confidently and successfully.  More than that, the enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere at ESM has helped me to become a much more positive batsman with greater self belief and confidence.  Looking forward to returning this autumn to work on my all-round game" - Ned , Bedfordshire County U17's